an overview

Sanshil started in 2008 from the front lawns as an initiative to work for construction site labor in new Gurgaon. The Directors of Sanshil Foundation set out to make a difference to the underserved sections of society and impact it in a positive way.

Sanshil Foundation’s flagship program – BAGIYA is a remedial non formal school for 300+ underserved beneficiaries from the slums in Gurgaon and Noida. Over the past 10 years, 1000+ students have been impacted and mainstreamed in CNSE/NIOS schools that make their academic pursuits easier . This is possible through structured remedial and holistic education. The hand holding continues until we can provide skill development,training and support that helps them get livelihood opportunities.

In 2009, The Sanshil Foundation was registered as a non profit under section 8. The BAGIYA Program was Started with teaching 10 children. Today, the operations of BAGIYA have grown to 300+ beneficiaries. 1000+ students from in and around the slums of Gurgaon and NOIDA are in mainstream schools like DPS Shikshakendra, Amitasha, Shikshantar, CD Senior secondary school, Pallavanjali, Amar Public School etc.

Swayam under ECOFACTORY is an initiative for village women empowerment. Since 2009, Sanshil is running a stitching centre in Jharsa village, Gurgaon. Products made at Swayam are supported by CSRs and have found their way to customers to many parts of India and Germany.

At Sanshil Foundation, we believe that change is brought about in small ways – drops that reach an Ocean of opportunity. Because, one educated child can change an entire generation! In the absence of proximity to Government schools, our remedial non-formal education methodology has emerged as a unique model. Thereby helping them bridge to a better life, better opportunity and a better society. Little drops of change. Little drops that shape big dreams.

After all, it is only when we dare to dream, that we realize them and make them come true.