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At Sanshil Foundation, we continuously strive to bring path-breaking changes in the lives we touch.

Sanshil Foundation

Over the last 10 years, we have impacted over 1000s of students with our remedial bridge education program. Bridging the gap between the slums and mainstream education. Creating opportunities and weaving dreams that see the light of day!

Sanshil Foundation

A healthy body is the temple of a successful person.Health cards, regular health camps and check ups balanced with a nutritious midday meal ensure the students are growing into healthy adults.

Sanshil Foundation

An integral part of our curriculum, Some students are aspiring professionals by undergoing training in sports like Golf and running.

Sanshil Foundation
Skill Development

Overaged students who find it difficult to pursue long term academics are encouraged to get skill development training at our centres. As Alternate Education. A similar initiative is run for village women of Jharsa, Haryana.